The Alvar Aalto Vase by Iittala - Still Modern After Eighty Years

A Design Classic

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Christopher Conrad

June 8, 2018

The design of the Alvar Aalto Vase by Iittala, believe it or not, is over 80 years old. It was initially part of a series of glass vases by Finland architect and designer, Alvar Aalto (1898-1976). This iconic design is considered one of the most famous glass objects in the world and first launched in the mid-1930s.  And after 80 years the vase continues to be an integral part of modern design. Yes, the Alvar Aalto Vase by Iittala is a timeless class in the world of home décor.

Aalto, together with his wife Aino Marsio, a fellow architect, built a world-renowned architecture and design brand. Also, he became known as a master of modern architecture. Aalto’s designs encompassed private residences around the world as well as public structures and institutions. Many included concert halls, museums, universities, and libraries. From these designs, Aalto created his furniture and housewares, which included the Alvar Aalto Vase by Iittala.

The Alvar Aalto Vase by Iittala - Nature Inspired

Just like with many of Aalto’s architectural designs, nature is top of mind when he created the vase. Inspired by the waves in water, Aalto created the ripples of the design. Then, he manipulated the waves vertically giving continuous movement to the vessel.  The vase is handcrafted at the Iittala glass factory in Finland. Also, you can find the vase in a variety of colors and sizes.

Iittala Alvar Aalto Vase in Rain Glass

Belonging to Alvar Aalto's 80th-anniversary collection by Iittala, this vase is a suitable icon of innovative style and Finnish design. Mouth-blown and also entirely made at the Iittala glass manufacturing facility in Finland, each vessel takes seven artisans, 12 job phases as well as 30 hours of manufacturing to produce.

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Our Favorite Luxury Candle Brands Interiors

Our Favorite Luxury Candle Brands


Our Favorite Luxury Candle Brands

Luxury candle brands made with love for most any budget

David B Garrard

February 18, 2019

There’s nothing like going home from a stressful day to a bit of serious pampering indulgence. Lighting a candle has the power to transform even the most basic room into an oasis with an aura of exotic florals and spices. Hey, you can even throw in a bubble bath a truly indulgent stress-free experience. But do you need to spend major money on your candles? After all, you could probably pick up something from your local grocery store for a couple of dollars, right?

When it comes to candles, you really do get what you pay for. And what you’re paying for is a product that is usually handmade from natural ingredients, olfactive scents blended by experts and housed in a vessel that is as beautiful to look at as it is to smell. And some of these candlemakers have been around for centuries. They must be doing something right!

But splurging on a candle doesn’t mean that you have to refinance your house. There are plenty of artisanal candlemakers that are creating beautiful products at a reasonable price. Here are some of our favorite candle houses suited to pretty much any budget. Go on and create your own personal sanctuary with any of these candle houses!

Our Favorite Luxury Candle Brands

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Chic Wedding Gift Ideas They Will Love Interiors

Chic Wedding Gift Ideas They Will Love


Chic Wedding Gift Ideas They Will Love

Choosing a wedding gift that leaves a lasting impression

Christopher Conrad

August 15, 2018

A wedding gift is a representation of the couple's commitment to each other for the remainder of their lives. A wedding is a commitment unlike any other. It is the type of commitment that needs support and love from their friends and family. Therefore, your wedding gift should be heartfelt and remind them of this commitment. Besides, you were important enough in their lives to be a guest at the ceremony. And that is not a cheap affair.

Choosing a Wedding Gift as a Reminder

Choosing a wedding gift that the couple will often use or see may seem challenging. Don't over think it. Just knowing their lifestyle and design sense will help you make the right choice. The result is you will be one of the few guests they remember because your gift will make an impression. Unlike the gift of a "plate" from their registry. Choosing this type of gift is boring. Yes, the registry has a purpose. It helps the couple start their new lives together with the everyday essentials or provides an indulgence for them with a set of china they use maybe once or twice a year. However, these gifts are not chosen out of thoughtfulness or love. But to stand out and genuinely show your support, consider one of the following wedding gift ideas that will evoke memories of the couple's special day. And, maybe, more importantly, these gifts will frequently remind them of why they made their commitment in the first place.

HNTRISM Wedding photo by Jez Timms

Photo by Jez Timms

1. Chic Picture Frame

One thing that you can be sure of is that the couple will have pictures of their big day around the house. Therefore, a picture frame is a wedding gift they certainly will use. When choosing a picture frame, get a frame that is 5x7 as this size if large enough for an end table but not so large that they would have to hang it. Also, this is their special day, do not get a cheap gold laminate plastic frame that will, in essence, “cheapen” their expensive wedding. We have a couple of suggestions here that are premium, beautiful frames that will look great in any décor.

Riva Sarezzo Picture Frame

Riva - Sarezzo Photo Frame Large in Silver

One of Brazil's leading design houses, Riva collaborates with top design talent to create stunning silver and stainless steel objects for the home. Riva strives to create functional art pieces that are created to stand the test of time and adorn the most discerning interiors.

Sambonet Picture Frame in Silver

Sambonet - Picture Frame in Silver

Part of Sambonet's "Flat" collection, this elegant picture frame is designed to fit seamlessly into any environment. The frame features a silver leaf on top of a dark lacquered wood backing and is sure to be cherished as much as the art that it will hold.

Arcahorn - Picture Frame in Black, Dark Horn

This elegant picture frame is designed in dark horn and lacquered wood for a stunning effect. Arcahorn is handmade in Italy by master craftsmen using century-old techniques to produce unique gifts for those with exquisite taste.


2. Premium Corkscrew / Bottle Opener

If the couple likes to host dinner parties or entertain in any way, a well-made, well-designed bottle opener or corkscrew is another choice. Every time they use it, they will remember you gave it as a wedding gift. Thus, they have a reminder of their commitment. However, a word of advice, don’t get one that plays music, has a college logo, or is made of any plastic. You will undoubtedly need to go ahead and get that "plate" from the registry. Here are a few suggestions that will last a lifetime and will surely get comments.

Stelton - Cylinda Corkscrew

The Cylinda line took quite a long time to be made available to the public since new production techniques had to be created in order to get the seamless cylindrical tubes just right. It was originally sketched on the back of a napkin by legendary designer and architect Arne Jacobsen. Part of a collection that includes a pitcher, ice bucket, coasters, and a serving tray, these innovative pieces are part of the permanent collection in the V&A and MoMA.

Folle Bottle Opener in Satin Stainless Steel

Folle - Bottle Opener in Satin Stainless Steel

Folle has been making modern stainless steel objects for the home in Copenhagen since 1933. This striking bottle opener features a satin polished finish and would make a great addition to any smart kitchen - or bar.

Lorenzi Milano stag antler bottle opener

Lorenzi Milano stag antler bottle opener

Milanese design house Lorenzi Milano crafts exquisite objects for the home out of natural materials by skilled craftsmen. The stag antler represented the passage of time, life and rebirth was considered sacred in ancient Celtic culture.

3. Elegant Pitcher, Carafe, Shaker or Decanter

Ok, yes, we understand that a pitcher or shaker may be on their wedding registry. But, it most likely it will match the china that is used only at holidays. Choose an elegant and highly designed item so the couple will want to use it whenever they have guests in their home. Most likely they will even leave it out on the counter as a focal point. The result is they will think of you each time they use it. They may also speak of you when asked where it came from. Keep in mind their style and décor when choosing this wedding gift.


Georg Jensen - Cobra Pitcher in stainless steel

With its sinewy curves and striking modern design, the Cobra Pitcher will surely add a touch of sophistication to any tabletop. The Copenhagen-based design house has been at the forefront of silversmithing for the past century designed the stunning Cobra Pitcher. Be sure to grab the matching candle holders from this line!

XLBoom - Host Carafe and Vase in clear

Designed by Belgian architect Alain Berteau and produced by XLBoom, this hand-blown carafe features a vase as a bottle stopper. When separated, the vase holds a floral arrangement while the base serves as a carafe for decanting wine or serving your favorite cold beverage.

Bomma decanter

Bomma - Vizner Decanter in clear crystal

The Visner decanter was the last line of crystal glassware created by artist František Vízner for Bonma before his passing in 2011. This decanter is handmade and cut from the finest crystal, and is defined by its sturdiness and a distinct V-shaped silhouette. Suitable for holding both wine and water, it also features a raised diamond-cut, lace-inspired pattern along the middle of the body.

Iittala - Essence Carafe Large in Copper Brown Glass

Part of the "essence" wine collection that Zurich-based designer Alfredo Häberli created for legendary Finnish design house Iittala, the Essence carafe comes in a choice of colors. Start the bride and groom off in style and they can add to their collection over time.


4. Classic Throw / Blanket

The next wedding gift is something they both can snuggle up under when the weather gets colder. They will thank you for giving them quiet, intimate moments and time together. An elegant, comfortable throw or blanket may not seem extraordinary, but these listed below are not your average throw that will end up in a yard sale in two years.

Hay - Colour Plaid No. 7 in merino wool

With its playful interpretation of Scandinavian minimalism, Hay creates reasonably priced contemporary objects for the home. This playful merino wool throw features an interesting variation between soft and bold bands of color. Use it as an extra layer on bedding or as a decorative piece in living spaces.

Cosi - Selvedge Cashmere Throw in Mist & Lime

This luxurious eco-chic stunner from Cosi is woven on a traditional loom using environmentally friendly dyes using pure cashmere sustainably sourced in Mongolia. Eco-conscious design house Cosi is committed to creating sustainable accessories for the home without compromising on luxury.

Frette - Modus Throw

The Frette Modus throw features an elegant jacquard pattern of wool/silk/cashmere with a mitered edge. Frette has been designing luxurious textiles in their Milan studio since the mid-nineteenth century. Featured in some of the most luxurious properties on the planet, Frette is a gift that you won't go wrong with. Perfect for gift giving in a reusable storage box.

Avoca - Mohair Throw

Design Within Reach's luxurious mohair throw is woven in a mill in Ireland that has been producing luxurious textiles since the early 18th century. Eco-conscious materials went into making this soft throw, using vegetable dyes on natural fibers.

Skargaarden - Wool throw with leather piping

Swedish furniture designer Skargaarden crafts beautifully designed furniture for the outdoors. Enjoy this luxurious throw from the comfort of your home. However, this wool and leather throw comes with an optional canvas bag, so you can transport it wherever your travels may take you.

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Barcelona Chair - Less Is More Is Still More Modern Than Ever Interiors

Barcelona Chair - Less Is More Is Still More Moder


Barcelona Chair - Less Is More Is Still More Modern Than Ever

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

Christopher Conrad

June 25, 2018

Ahhh, the Barcelona chair, another example of less is more design that stands the test of time. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was a German-American architect and regarded as one of the pioneers of modernist architecture. As with many modern design classics, the Barcelona chair is still in production today. Along with Lilly Reich, Mies designed the timeless chair in 1929 for the iconic German Pavilion, known as the Barcelona Pavilion for the International Exposition of 1929 in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. 

A Break from the Era's Mission

So, this is the fun part and why HNTRISM gets so excited. At the time, Mies was a director of the Bauhaus. This school is the place where many architects and designers of the era crafted a mission to provide well-designed homes and impeccably made home furnishings for the everyday man. However, the Barcelona chair broke from this mission with its design for the Spanish Royalty during the opening ceremonies of the exposition. It had to be an "important chair, an exquisite chair," according to Mies. "The government was to receive a king. . . . The chair had to be monumental. In those circumstances, you couldn't use a kitchen chair."

Influence Rooted in Ancient Times

The Barcelona chair design and materials reflect Mies’ architectural discipline. The chair is supported on each side by two chrome-plated, flat steel bars. When viewed from the side, the single curve of the bar forming the chair's back and front legs cross the S-curve of the bar forming the seat and back legs, making an intersection of the two. It has set several precedents, with ancient Egyptian folding stools and nineteenth-century neoclassical seating influencing the design. White kid leather with welt and button details covered the original chairs.

About The Famous Architect

Using modern materials, including industrial steel and plate glass with the minimal framework to create unobstructed open space, Mies set out to create a new twentieth-century architectural style. Mies referred to his buildings as "skin and bones" architecture associated with the “less is more” attitude toward his designs.

Mies fled to the United States when the Nazi’s rose to power and their opposition to the modernism. It was there that he became head of the architectural school at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

Still Manufactured Today!

The Barcelona chair has been in production since 1929, except for a sixteen year period, and adorns both modern offices and discerning homes around the world. Knoll has made Barcelona chairs since 1953 in two different steel configurations, chrome and stainless. The cushion's welting and buttons are from a single Spinneybeck or Edelman Leather cowhide. Cowhide belting straps dyed to match the color of the chair support the cushions. The individual panels of leather are hand cut, welted and tufted. A facsimile of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s signature stamped onto each chair! And finally, the Barcelona Chair received the prestigious Museum of Modern Art Award in 1977.


Knoll Barcelona Chair


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Sustainable Furniture Design Doesn't Have To Be Dowdy Interiors

Sustainable Furniture Design Doesn't Have To Be Do


Sustainable Furniture Design Doesn't Have To Be Dowdy

Luxurious furniture brands that are environmentally friendly

David B. Garrard

June 23, 2018

In this current time of unexpected natural disasters, going green feels like the next best thing. And rightly so! However, going green or producing eco-friendly, sustainable furniture designs don't necessarily have to mean dowdy. Sustainable, eco-friendly, and stylish pieces can still be had – offering the home the style and class to remain unique and exquisite while proving to be viable in the long run. This is the trend is what furniture designers are looking to adopt – working with recycled materials and reducing their carbon print to achieve sturdy designs that can stand the test of time.


Recycling is one of the simplest eco-friendly ways furniture designers can adapt to produce sustainable furniture designs that are environmentally friendly. This involves reusing resources or materials that would otherwise be discarded during the manufacturing process. Or, it could include collecting pieces of elements from previous seasons and incorporating them into the design process. Most furniture brands and companies are adopting the recycling technique and even impressing it upon their customers how important sustainability is in design and manufacturing.



Argentinian brand Vacavaliente's commitment is to have a positive impact on society. They consider global imprint by using 100% recycled leather! Check out their lighting, furniture and decorative objects that are creative and functional.


XLBoom Ball Chair 

Crafted from recycled ABS, the XL Boom "Ball Chair" by Irish sculptor and designer Finn Stone is playful and comfortable. The glossy finish chair is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


The Use of Sustainable Materials

Designing furniture that complements the natural environment has never been more critical. Furniture materials such as wood form a significant part of the furniture design process. For example, the wood consumed during the manufacturing process can be replaced by replanting trees.  Doing so will consequently lower the environmental impact on the furniture and make these materials available for future use.


Knoll Risom Chair

Wartime Material Scarcity Made Use of Surplus Parachute Straps

Greenguard® certified for sustainable materials and manufacturing; the Knoll Risom Lounge Chair is a modern classic from 1943. During World War II, the chair was made with surplus parachute straps due to the scarcity of available materials. Today, the chair's frame has a tight basket weave of heavy-duty cotton straps across the hardwood frame.



Ercol Nesting Tables

Self-fueled Factory!

For nearly 100 years Ercol has designed and produced quality furniture in Princes Risborough, UK. Ercol uses ethically sourced timber that complies with European Timber Regulations. And, the Ercol factory is heated by a biomass boiler that is fueled by wood wasted and sawdust from the factory!


Usage of Non-toxic Substances

Furniture designers must adopt the use of non-toxic substances if they are to produce eco-friendly, sustainable furniture designs. This is especially important in the choice of paints. The paints used by most furniture designers in the past have Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These VOCs are not only unfriendly to the environment, but they are dangerous to the respiratory system of humans. It is essential to assess construction methods, the environmental impact during production, and most importantly, the amount of waste produced during the manufacturing process.


SCP Continuous Sprung Sofa

Upholstery Factory Produces Only Sustainable Pieces

SCP's specialist upholstery factory in Norfolk, England produces only sustainable pieces. Also, the FSC approved hardwood frames and natural replacements to petrochemical-based foams in the upholstery itself. Certainly check out the Continuous Sprung Sofa created by Faudet-Harrison. The sofa takes design inspiration from 1920's upholstery with its use of continuous curves. The sofa consists of natural materials, including fibers, aminal hair, and wool.


Yes, Furniture Design that Complements the Environment as well as Your Home

Along with the usage of recycled materials, the use of sustainable materials and the adoption of non-toxic materials, it is also ideal for furniture designers to adopt a minimalistic approach. This approach puts every element to good use by ensuring minimal waste during the manufacturing process. In the long run, eco-friendly, sustainable furniture designs would prove to be far more comfortable and even stylish. Yes, it is possible to produce designs that complement the environment and still make the interior of your home glow. And above all, eco-friendly, sustainable furniture designs do not have to be dowdy!

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Skultuna - Handcrafting Metal Home Accessories For Over 400 Years Interiors

Skultuna - Handcrafting Metal Home Accessories For


Skultuna - Handcrafting Metal Home Accessories For Over 400 Years

History and Innovation Never Looked So Good

Christopher Conrad

June 20, 2018

If you have not heard about Skultuna or seen the incredible handcrafted metal designs they create, here is your chance. The Swedish company stands the test of time surviving fires and floods over the years. Skultuna is a metal foundry that produces beautiful metal accessories for the home and handcrafts jewelry for men and women. So you would never believe that these modern, elegant designs have over 400 years of craftsmanship behind them. And, Skutuna is still the purveyor the Royal Court of Sweden.

Founded by a King

King Karl IX of Sweden created Skultuna in 1607 to reduce imports of brass and increase income for exports. The country had become indebted to the Hanseatic League and needed a way to become financially free. So King Karl IX brought in the first master braziers from Germany and the Netherlands, who had the proper techniques on how to make large brass objects like chandeliers. In fact, the oldest known chandelier is in the Church of Our Lady in Enköping and is dated 1619.

Seen Floating Down a River

Here’s the crazy part about Skulfuna’s history. The factory hit rough times, not once, not twice, but more than three times. On more than three occasions, it completely burned down. On another event, the entire factory floated away during a spring flood. Talk about a will to survive!

Still True Scandinavian Roots

Skultuna never ventured from its Scandinavian roots. During the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, they employed the Silversmith Pierre Forssell. His designs are typical “Scandinavian: strict and contemporary in style.” Skultuna enlisted another famous designer in the 1980s, Sigvard Bernadotte. He designed a series of products for the dining room table. Today renowned designers like Bam Fratesi, Lara Bohinc, Luca Nichetto, Monica Forster, Richard Hutten and Claesson Koivisto Rune are found working with Skultuna.

HNTRISM encourages you to check out these handcrafted products that have over 400 years of influence and are still as contemporary as their predecessors.


Skultuna Lily Candlestick in Polished Brass

A style icon, the 'Lily' candle holder was created by Ivar Ålenius Björk (1905-- 1978), an artist recognized both for his sculpture and also his collection of brass candle holders. Years after the original Swedish production ended, Skultuna has revived the original, stylish design of the 'Lily' candle holder. Produced for the 1939 New York City World's Fair, the sleek brass candle holder has stood the test of time and looks as stylish today as it initially did.



Skultuna Claw Footed Tray in Polished Brass

Created by Swedish jewelry designer Maria Nilsdotter for Skultuna, the 'Claw' collection combines luxury with a punk aesthetic. The brass claw footed tray is simultaneously timeless and cutting edge.



Skultuna Black Wood Scented Candle in Brushed Brass

Created with Swedish candle manufacturer Candelize, this fragrant candleholder integrates Skultuna's old manufacturing strategies where the refined brass chandelier is made through metal spinning. Hand finished Stockholm, 'Black Wood' supplies an extreme, great smoky cedarwood and also spicy clove fragrance reminiscent of fallen leaves, overlaid with sultry aspects of rose and jasmine. Black Wood was developed with the world´s leading perfumers in France and Switzerland.



Skultuna Karui Serving Tray Medium in Brass

Designed by Danish-Italian duo Gamfratesi in 2014, the Karui tray is a minimalist piece in brass, made using metal spinning, a classic Skultuna technique. The elegant round tray is slender and light, featuring a thin lip and a leather surface by leading Swedish tannery Tärnsjö.


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Opera Inspired Dinnerware – The Magic Flute by Rosenthal Interiors

Opera Inspired Dinnerware – The Magic Flute by R


Opera Inspired Dinnerware – The Magic Flute by Rosenthal

Christopher Conrad

June 10, 2018

Imagine going to a dinner party, and for every course, you experience a scene from an opera. Yes, an opera. Danish artist and designer Bjorn Wiinblad created An Opera in Porcelain for Rosenthal out of his love for opera. His inspiration is not only founded in the music but also in the stage settings of the opera. So Wiinblad decided to re-created scenes from his favorite opera “Zauberflote” (The Magic Flute) by Mozart as reliefs in porcelain.

A Special Firing Technique Created

What’s cool about this dinnerware is the process of creating the pieces. For Wiinblad to tell the story of the opera in relief through detailed figures and ornamentation, the rim of the plates needed to be very wide. But the fuller than standard edges would flop down during the firing process. In this case, Rosenthal had to develop a unique firing technique. To create the beautiful matte finish that contrasts with the glazed surfaces, the relief surfaces are not translucent but smoothed and polished with a very elaborate process after the second firing. Another fantastic feature of the dinnerware is the underside of all pieces carry the text of the opera libretto of the relevant scene depicted on the top. The calligraphy is in Wiinblad’s ornate handwriting and decorated with gold.

So, next time you want to indeed “WOW” your guests, bring the opera to your home in style with The Magic Flute opera inspired dinnerware by Bjorn Wiinblad for Rosenthal!

Bring The Magic Flute to Your Home


'Magic Flute Sarastro' low cup with saucer, low in White, Gold Porcelain

Rosenthal 'Magic Flute Sarastro' low cup with saucer, finished in White, Gold. The goal of Danish artist Björn Wiinblad with this collection is to recreate Mozart's The Magic Flute, the designer's favored opera. Every item of the top-notch porcelain collection illustrates a various scene from the opera in delicate gold relief.



'Magic Flute Sarastro' sugar bowl in White, Gold Porcelain

Rosenthal 'Magic Flute Sarastro' sugar bowl in White, Gold. The work of Danish artist Björn Wiinblad, this collection is based on Mozart's The Magic Flute, the designer's favorite opera. Every piece of the high-quality porcelain service depicts a different scene from the opera in delicate gold relief. Here, it appears on the bowl's striking conical lid.



'Magic Flute' creamer in White Porcelain

Rosenthal 'Magic Flute' creamer in White, This creamer's calligraphic contours echoes the opera's Eastern style. Its smooth white porcelain is the ideal contrast to the collection's even more ornate items, such as the teapot or dishes.


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Lumio – The Original Booklight Interiors

Lumio – The Original Booklight


Lumio – The Original Booklight

David B Garrard

June 6, 2018

The idea for the Lumio Original Booklight came from San Francisco-based developer Max Gunawan's attraction with the useful capacity of origami as well as his wish to produce adaptable, versatile illumination options. And thus, the Lumio Booklight was born. When shut, Lumio's Book Lamp poses as a hardcover book, but when opened up, it changes right into a sculptural light. Inside the laser-cut wooden cover exists an indoor light body made from resilient, waterproof Tyvek " pages" consisting of high-performing LEDs.

The Lumio Booklight has been featured on both Kickstarter as well as the television show Shark Tank. The booklight was a success in both arenas. Gunawan was able to raise $500,000 on the Kickstarter platform. When appearing on the Shark Tank, all five investors wanted a piece of the action. Shark Tank resulted in an immediate spike in sales. "During the first ten minutes, we got 3,000 orders," Gunawan says. "It was insane." It also made him a bit of a celebrity. "The show is tremendous in terms of recognition. You don't realize how widely syndicated it is until you travel the world. I was in my hometown of Jakarta, walking in a mall, and someone goes, 'Hey, are you Max from Shark Tank?'"

Lumio booklight

360 Degrees of Light

The dynamic, multi-functional lamp opens to 360 degrees! Also, it comes with a micro-USB charger, magnetic wooden pegs for mounting and a beautiful leather strap for hanging. Each transportable Lumio Book Lamp is handmade, and the battery gives up to eight hours of luminescence. The outer cover is available in both walnut and maple wood.

Lumio Booklight in Maple

A multi-functional lamp concealed behind the façade of a hardcover book, 'Lumio' is at once functional and playful. The Max Gunawan-designed lamp is fully transportable and emits 500 lumens from within its light maple shell. The 'Lumio' also features a leather strap for hanging and magnetic wooden pegs that allow it to mount to any flat surface. Thus, supporting its purpose as a fully adaptable light source.


Lumio Booklight in Walnut

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The Ostrich Pillow For Power Nappers Interiors

The Ostrich Pillow For Power Nappers


The Ostrich Pillow For Power Nappers

Nap anytime, anywhere with this handy device

David B Garrard

May 20, 2018

Have you exhausted your entire iTunes/Kindle/ other personal entertainment devices during your way-too-early morning commute on public transportation? Have you managed to score one of those ridiculously cheap airfares, but are paying the price with an overnight layover in the airport lounge? Does the thought of touching the hair-grease-smeared windows on a city bus or the next-to-impossible-to-get-comfortable airplane seats leave you with no choice but to stay awake? Well, narcoleptics, have I got the perfect gadget for you. Introducing the Ostrich Pillow.

Developed by the firm Kawamura-Ganjavian and funded through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, the Ostrich Pillow wraps its wearer in sensory deprivation to allow blissful slumber whatever the location. Made of stretchy fabric filled with little balls, the Ostrich Pillow subsequently blocks out noise and light. It also makes the wearer look pretty obvious as to what they are doing. This product is probably not recommended in high-crime areas, as wearing one of these would scream out "Free money!" to a would-be pickpocket who's just passing by.

The Ostrich Pillow by Studio Banana Things

The Ostrich Pillow by Studio Banana Things

The Ostrich Pillow Designers

Designers Ali Ganjavian and Key Portilla-Kawamura of Madrid-based design firm Kawamura-Ganjavian describe the Ostrich Pillow as:

“OSTRICH PILLOW is a revolutionary new product to enable easy power naps anytime, everywhere. The PILLOW ‘s unique design offers a micro environment in which to take a cozy and comfortable power nap at ease. OSTRICH PILLOW has been designed to allow you to create a little private space within a public one, to relax and unwind. Its soothing soft interior shelters and isolates your head and hands (mind and body) for a short break. All without needing to leave your desk, chair, bench or wherever you may be.”

The team here at HNTRISM couldn’t resist the idea of the Ostrich Pillow. We’ve featured a selection of Ostrich Pillows and the Ostrich Pillow Light brought to you by Studio Banana Things. Browse our selection today at Berchard's Fine Living by clicking on the images below, and finally, pleasant dreams!

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Custom Living Wood Sculptures by Art Of Plants Interiors

Custom Living Wood Sculptures by Art Of Plants


Custom Living Wood Sculptures by Art Of Plants

Unique sculptural planters from bent wood that seem to float in the air

David B Garrard

May 20, 2018

The team here at HNTRISM loves to spotlight artists and designers who have built their vision from scratch. And Art Of Plants is a company that literally started on a kitchen table. Founder Jenny Wong-Stanley was fascinated by an article she read about how to steam bentwood. Lucky for her, she discovered a ruler in a storage box while cleaning. Jenny decided to try to bend it over a steaming lobster pot in the kitchen. That first attempt at steam bending snapped the ruler, and thus several more rulers to follow. Slowly, she began to calculate the nuances in temperature, wood types, thickness, and humidity in order to master the art of wood bending. She became what she refers to as “mildly obsessed” with bending wood. Her passion for exotic plants led to a series of one-of-a-kind plant containers, and as a result, the Art Of Plants was born.

The Art of Plants

These delicate forms gently wrap their way around succulents and air ferns. This unique living sculptural form appears to float in the air. These sculptures blend a passion for science and ecology with a passion for art and design. There is also an element of recycling to these pieces by taking discarded objects and giving them new life. The concept is modern and organic yet versatile, making it suitable for virtually any type of décor.

Each piece is handmade in Brooklyn or Oakland and has subtle variations that make every one of these sculptures unique. Berchard’s Fine Living is excited to offer a selection of these beautiful living sculptures by Art Of Plants. Happy shopping!

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The Past Reinvented with the Crystal Bourgie Lamp by Kartell Interiors

The Past Reinvented with the Crystal Bourgie Lamp


The Past Reinvented with the Crystal Bourgie Lamp by Kartell

Artfully combining the old with the new

Christopher Conrad

May 20, 2018

The process of researching thousands and thousands of home products which are well designed, are high quality and have superior functionality can sometimes be overwhelming for the Berchard’s team. And although many products fit into our minimum criteria, we know we must choose only those unique enough to meet our customers demands. By unique, we mean the product needs to stand out, and we don’t mean flashy or gaudy. It can mean that it is aesthetically appealing or that it has superior functionality or use. It could merely mean that the product has a classic design artfully updated with a modern look.

Well, one product recently caught our eye. It’s the Crystal Bourgie Lamp by Kartell. Not only did Kartell take into consideration function with the lamp shade’s unique attachment system. But they also made a huge impression on the design front. When it comes to functionality, the Crystal Bourgie Lamp is a one of a kind. This is due to the shade’s ability to adjust to three different heights – 27, 29, and 31 inches.

Crystal Bourgie Lamp by Kartell

Crystal Bourgie Lamp by Kartell

The history of the Crystal Bourgie Lamp

Designed in by 2004 acclaimed Italian designer Ferruccio Laviani, a former member of the legendary Memphis Group from Milan back in the 1980s, which included Ettore Sottsass and Michael Graves. And just as with Memphis, The Crystal Bourgie Lamp artfully mashes up the old and the new. Taking styling cues from an ornate Baroque lamp, but constructed from a clear polycarbonate.

The Crystal Bourgie lamp is one of Kartell’s best sellers. It’s no wonder since it exudes style “skillfully combining classic style, richness, and tradition with innovation and irony.” With its Baroque style base of three interconnecting decorated layers, the pleated effect of the ample shade, and the variety of colors available along with the original transparent, black, gold, silver, and white/gold versions. The lamp is a beautiful addition to almost any décor setting.

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Time Is All Around Us with Leff Amsterdam Clocks Interiors

Time Is All Around Us with Leff Amsterdam Clocks


Time Is All Around Us with Leff Amsterdam Clocks

Turning Everyday Objects Into Works Of Art

David B. Garrard

May 18, 2018

Nobody needs a clock, according to design house Leff Amsterdam. Tell that to your boss the next time you come stumbling in to work mid-morning. So why on earth would a design company create a line of clocks since time is all around us? Well, Leff Amsterdam is all about doing things a little bit differently and going against the grain. Life is too beautiful for dull and boring. And so starts Leff Amsterdam’s quest to turn everyday mundane objects into works of art. Less of the same and more of the different!

Leff Amsterdam was founded in Amsterdam (go figure!) by brothers Arno and Dennis Ruijzenaars and Ervin Termaat back in 2011 with the challenge to turn the ordinary into extraordinary without ever claiming to be artists. They prefer to create functional objects, and clocks seemed like an excellent place to start. Their product range has expanded to include Bluetooth speakers, which provide a perfect accompaniment to the clock range.

Another interesting thing to note about their products is that they are designed with recycling in mind. There’s also an element of DIY with their designs. Perfect for those who enjoy tinkering around with their toys.

Leff Amsterdam has also teamed up with noted Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek to design objects with limited means and material that was abundant, such as felt and wood. The designs are simple, yet striking. Piet’s first collaboration with Leff was the Tube Series that relies on analog components to create a modernistic artistic piece. The mechanics are exquisite. After all, their clocks rely on silent German engineering and their Bluetooth speakers pack quite a bit of sound into a tiny, stylish package.

Check out our range of Leff Amsterdam products. We’re sure you’ll find something that piques your interest. After all, nobody needs a clock (but we sure want one of these sitting on our desk!)


Leff Amsterdam Felt Two Clock in Grey

As an enhancement to his very first style, Sebastian developed the felt two. This clock is a reinterpretation of the earlier felt wall surface clock. The various design features, form, as well as output results in a legendary timepiece that could stand on its very own. When seen up close, the composition of the felt ends up being markedly noticeable as an ideal complement with the bamboo back cover.


Leff Amsterdam Base Clock in White

Developer duo Kranen/Gille initially developed the base clock because they think every developer requires a clock in their portfolio, even though they agree with LEFF Amsterdam that no one needs a clock. The layout of the base clock was motivated by an aesthetic language the developers created by collecting commercial manufacturing archetypes. Considering that the form is one-of-a-kind, yet identifiable, the layout is open to interpretation.


Leff Amsterdam Tube Clock in Brass

For the tube clock, Piet Hein Eek's starting point in the design was an extrusion and tube ring. Extrusion molding is a technique involving forcing lightweight aluminum, or paste for instance, via a mold. Piet developed a ring like that for the style of the clock face.


Leff Amsterdam Tube Audio in Brass

Piet Hein Eek and LEFF Amsterdam came up with the concept that if you have a clock on your bedside table, then an audio speaker could be an excellent choice to pair with it. They developed a Bluetooth audio speaker in the very same form as the tube clock.


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There's Beauty In Fragility with Rosenthal's Vases Of Phases Interiors

There's Beauty In Fragility with Rosenthal's Vases


There's Beauty In Fragility with Rosenthal's Vases Of Phases

Challenges can break us, but we put ourselves back together

David B. Garrard

April 5, 2018

Moving to the big city can be a very challenging time for a young man. Venturing out on your free from the safety of your parents and the ordered confines of school can be both exciting and frightening. We tend to start out with our eyes filled with optimism and hope, only to have things work out not quite how we envisioned. Challenges can break us. Our lives can shatter. But, we pick ourselves up and reassemble the pieces to create our new selves. We aren’t entirely as innocent and pure as we were, but we become something different. We may get bruised, but we’re resilient, just like the flower that breaks the soil to grow and bloom. There’s beauty in that process. And this process is what inspired the creation of the Vases of Phases by Rosenthal.

Vases Of Phases by Rosenthal

Vases Of Phases by Rosenthal

The inspiration for Vases of Phases

Inspired by his move to New York at the tender age of 25, designer Dror Benshetrit had a few adjustments to life in the big city. Challenges and setbacks make us grow. This process of breaking down and growing was something that inspired Dror to create the Vases of Phases series. These vases look as if they had been shattered and put back together. To achieve this effect, Dror lined the interior of a vessel with silicone rubber and smashed it. The rubber held the broken pieces in place. Then, the vase is dipped in porcelain to fill in the cracks and smooth out the shape.

Vases Of Phases by Dror Benshetrit for Rosenthal

Vases Of Phases by Dror Benshetrit for Rosenthal

This unique piece of art is in the permanent collections of museums in both Europe and the United States. The Vases of Phases series won the iF product design award in 2006. And the vase’s creator has received several accolades as well. He’s represented by the same agency that manages design heavyweights such as Phillippe Starck and Marcel Wanders. The Vases of Phases series is produced by Rosendahl, one of the most respected porcelain manufacturers in the world. Available in three different sizes and either black or white. With a piece from the Vases of Phases series from Berchard’s, you’ll be reminded that when your life seems as if it’s shattered, there’s something uniquely beautiful that will come from it. There’s beauty in fragility.

Vases Of Phases Medium in BlackVases Of Phases in Black, 10 1/4" by Rosenthal


The 10-1/4-inch vase, the center dimension of the vessels, is crafted with sultry contours like a female's body and finished with a matte black exterior as well as shiny black interior gloss. Can be equally used as a centerpiece or as a functioning flower holder with blossoms, this sculptural number is guaranteed to make an impact.


Vases Of Phases Small in White

Vases Of Phases in White, 8 1/4" by Rosenthal

The 8-1/4-inch flower holder, the center dimension of the vessels, is the smallest vase in the lineup. It is crafted with sexy contours like the female form and also finished with a matte white exterior and also shiny white interior. Use as a display piece or as a functioning flower holder with blossoms; this sculptural number will surely capture the viewer's creative imagination.


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Rediscovering The Almost Forgotten Art Of Handwritten Notes Interiors

Rediscovering The Almost Forgotten Art Of Handwrit


Rediscovering The Almost Forgotten Art Of Handwritten Notes

Keep the art alive


March 31, 2018

Hand-written notes are an art form that is being endangered by the advent of the internet. The birth of the internet paved the way for many digital communication platforms. Initially, it was SMS. People passed messages to one another through SMS. A lot of people adopted it because it is fast and convenient. In an ideal situation, it takes just one minute for the recipient to receive an SMS.

Rediscovering The Almost Lost Art Of Handwritten Notes

Now, there are several means through which you can communicate. You can send emails, people communicate via social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facetime and even Skype. There are always two sides to a coin. While all of them have brought convenience and instant receipt, they have gradually killed the art of writing a note. Nobody has the time to pen handwritten notes to people anymore.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska

This art needs to be encouraged because a lot of benefits are dying with it. When last did you receive a hand-written note? Can you compare the feeling to all the digital messages you receive through your social media accounts? Handwritten notes are priceless. Here are some of the reasons the virtually lost art of handwritten notes should be rediscovered.

Proper filing

Do you have any hand-written note given to you by a friend or a family member who has passed on? If you do, bring the letters out and read them all over again and see the kind of emotions that will run through you. The question is if they had sent you a digital message through your social media accounts, would you have appreciated them half as much as you do now. Will the notes even be available currently?

Handwritten notes can be filed and kept for years or even decades. While cleaning up her late father’s room, a 36-year old woman came across something she now values as one of her priceless possessions. She ran into a handwritten birthday note she gave her dad when she was less than six years old!

She didn’t know who wrote it until when she showed her mom. Her mom told her she was the one that gave it to her dad as a birthday gift since she was a kid and had no money to buy him a gift. But her father saw it as the best gift he ever received, and he kept it. If you were in the lady’s shoes, how will you feel about the note? If she had sent it as an SMS will it still be available?

Nomess Copenhagen cork folder

Nomess Copenhagen's innovative cork folder designs products that are meant to make our lives easier. The folder is developed to hold A4-sized records. This innovative folder is as durable as it is eye-catching. Its sides are strengthened with a plasticized material, so it is strong enough to hold all your essential files. It fastens with a coordinating strap.


You sure have a few celebrities that you virtually worship, don’t you? You must be following them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Here is the question, which one will you appreciate more? Getting a handwritten note from one of them or receiving a message from him through a social media platform. It is the former.

Nothing bonds you to anyone more than receiving handwritten notes from the person. You don’t need any platform, appliance or internet connection to access a handwritten note that has already been delivered to you. But you need a smartphone each time you want to get a particular WhatsApp message that is sitting in your inbox.

Handwritten notes are priceless, and they have several advantages over all digital means of communication so the art should not be allowed to die off like that.

Esme Winter "Bloom" Letterpress Cards

Each card in the 'Bloom' set of six presents a thoughtfulness and quality that is appropriate for any occasion. A hand-drawn red and pink pattern by Esme Winter is letterpress printed on to the front of each landscape A6 card, created from soft, cotton-based paper.



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Classic Home Furnishings with Staying Power - Frette Interiors

Classic Home Furnishings with Staying Power - Fret


Classic Home Furnishings with Staying Power - Frette

Proof that you can have it all

Christopher Conrad

March 29, 2018

Frette - Elegant, Chic, and Original

Frette is globally known for its beautiful home furnishings that stand the test of time. Their linens adorn many of the world’s most prestigious hotels as well as the altar of St Peter’s Basilica. Their classic style is unmatched and crafted from the finest materials. Therefore, their linens are not only gorgeous and chic, but they are oh so comfortable. Its no wonder they set the standard for fine linens. The company dates back to 1860, so you can only imagine the techniques that back their heritage. That’s why Frette is the choice for some of the most covetable private homes and yachts around the globe.

Flare Euro Sham in Pink/Ivory

The upper panel of the Flare Sham showcases a sophisticated weave of contours and swirls in a sensational jacquard of yarn-dyed cotton sateen. The back panel of the Flare Sham features a matching cotton sateen. The sham beautifully features a simple hem. Made in Italy.

Originally $225, on sale for $90

Staying Power

Frette’s designs are timeless with staying power that lasts as longs as their craftsmanship. From bold and vibrant patterns, such as the Flowers Collection, to the chic and dazzling Flare Euro Sham, Fette has something for any discerning home. Add ultra fabrics to Frette’s designs, and you have what I like to call “Sumptuous Comfort.” Your guests will not want to leave! Frette’s Platinum Throw is a perfect example with its blend of pure silk, flax fiber, and cashmere. And don’t forget that your bathroom needs love in the form of luxury and style. Frette has you covered. Literally. Wrap yourself in a Frette Granada Bath Sheet with a floral scroll design made in Italy with soft cotton.

Granada Bath Sheet by Frette

Granada Bath Sheet by Frette

Granada Bath Sheet

The supple Granada Bath Sheet offers a rich bath-time experience thanks to its rich terry towel fabric produced from soft cotton. The large bath sheet features a matching cotton sateen trim embellished with a floral scroll design in a shimmering thread. Thus, the floral scroll design adds an ornate touch. Of course, they are 100% pure cotton and made in Italy.


Frette is your choice for classic home furnishings with staying power. With the highest quality fabrics and luxurious comfort that have stunning designs, Frette is a simple choice for any interior. Enjoy!


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Reduce Last Minute Party Gifting Stress Interiors

Reduce Last Minute Party Gifting Stress


Reduce Last Minute Party Gifting Stress

Stock up for Grab and Go!

Christopher Conrad

November 29, 2017

Picture this: You have a Friday night holiday party or dinner that you have been looking forward to all week, but forgot to get a gift for the host. You say to yourself, ‘I’ll grab something at lunchtime.’ Then the phone rings. Your boss is taking you to lunch to talk about the latest sales numbers. The gift can wait until later.

Ok, you say to yourself, ‘I’ll grab something on the way home.’ 5 o’clock rolls around, and you’re bolting out the door and remember you need to go by the dry cleaner. On and on, right?! You end up grabbing a bottle of wine from the convenient store (convenience does NOT make memorable) and throw a piece of silver foil around it they gave you from behind the counter. Bam, you have a tacky gift!

Are you cringing? We’ve all been here before.

The Solution: Stock Up on Gifts (and cards, too)!

Even if it’s weeks away from holiday party time, it’s a fail-proof strategy to stock up on a couple of items that everyone loves and will last longer than a dinner gathering where your “friend” doesn’t even remember who gave them the bottle of wine.

Memorable Host and Hostess Gift Suggestions


Yes, candles. Everyone not only likes them, but they also need them (hello, bathroom, guests, you do the math). It’s something that every time they light it, they will think of you and thank you. Stock up on a couple “evergreen” or “pine” scents for the holidays as well as a couple that has a “fresh” or “clean” scent as you can take one of those with a bottle of bubbly as a New Year’s Eve Party gift. Here are a couple of recommendations:

Sea Urchin Candle by Twos Company

Sea Urchin Candle by Two's Company

Seashore Sea Urchin Candle with Ocean Scent design by Twos Company

Ceramic Burns 10 Hour Palm Oil Wax/Paraffin Wax Two's Company is known for their incredible sense of style, irresistible products, incredible showrooms and fantastic catalogs. Their signature style defines their company every single day, and they pride themselves on making heads turn everywhere.


Ottoman Candle by Cire Trudon

Ottoman Candle by Cire Trudon

Ottoman Candle by Cire Trudon

Through the maze of Constantinople, under the ceilings of a hideaway, leathery scents and tobacco swirls of whispered discussions mingle with the rose and jasmine of dancing hair. A warm scent tinged with spices and honey whispers stories of an ancient empire.


Sugar Cooke Candle by NEST Fragrances

Sugar Cooke Candle by NEST Fragrances

Sugar Cookie 3 Wick Candle by NEST Fragrances

This confectioner's dream mixes the warm flavors of Tahitian vanilla bean and bourbon-infused caramel with delicate threads of sugarcane crystals and the vibrant essence of golden amber. The result is the aroma of a freshly baked sugar cookie that satisfies even the most sophisticated sweet tooth; exquisitely delectable. Weight (Oz.) 21.2 Approximate Burn Time 80-100 HOURS  Please allow 1-2 weeks to ship out and receive tracking.

NEST Fragrances candles feature a premium, soft, highly refined, cosmetic-grade wax to optimize burn and fragrance diffusion.



Bottle Opener or Corkscrew

Another great gift is a bottle opener or corkscrew. This is a year-round gift, and the host will always reflect on the time you gave it to them. A corkscrew or bottle opener always comes in handy whether for a night with that special someone or tailgating at homecoming. Here are a couple of suggestions for this gift idea:

Arne Jacobsen Cylinda Corkscrew by Stelton

Arne Jacobsen Cylinda Corkscrew by Stelton

Arne Jacobsen Cylinda Line Corkscrew by Stelton

Originally sketched on a napkin in 1964, Arne Jacobsen’s Cylinda Line (1967) stainless steel barware took three years, and the creation of new technology, to produce. Jacobsen insisted on seamless tubes with perfect brushed surfaces, and he continued to add new pieces – some designed by Peter Holmblad – to the collection until 1974. An immediate success, Cylinda Line was awarded the 1967 ID Prize by the Danish Design Council, and pieces of the line are in the permanent collections of MoMA and the Victoria and Albert Museum.


The Little Helpers Gnome Corkscrew by Imm Living

The Little Helpers Gnome Corkscrew by Imm Living

The Little Helpers Gnome Ceramic Bottle Opener in Metallic Blue by Imm Living

Like their namesake, The Little Helpers are designed to give you a helping hand. Shaped like classic garden gnomes, these whimsical creatures are available in the form of a bottle opener, container, juicer, wine stopper, trinket dish and a stacking game. Description: Blue Hat Gnome Bottle Opener-Material: Porcelain Size: 2.5" x 2.5" x 5" Color: White/BlueDrawing from both traditional and popular cultures, Imm Living creates useful objects that combine functionality with a playful sensibility. As varied as the artists behind each project, Imm Living's designs are injected with rich meaning, evoking emotion between objects and people, while bridging cultural differences to create purposeful products for modern living.



Picture Frames

If you go the picture frame route, give a little thought to the décor and personality of the host or hostess. One thing to remember is to go “simple” and “well-made.” You want them to put a memorable picture (hopefully of you with them at their party) in this frame and be excited to have the frame in their home. If you do get the time to plan the gift out, adding that photo of them with you from a prior memorable event will ensure a more personalized touch. Here are a couple of unique picture frames to consider:

Striped Horn Frame by Lazy Susan

Striped Horn Frame by Lazy Susan

Striped Horn Frame by Lazy Susan

Buffalo horn is hand burned into a rich linear pattern of browns, beige and black for a rustically beautiful frame that is also a contemporary work of art. Wall hooks and tabletop stand. Dimensions 4" x 6" Sold individually.


Bone Inlay Frame by Twos Company

Bone Inlay Frame by Two's Company

Bone Inlay Black and White Set of 3 - 4" x 6" Photo Frame by Two's Company

Assorted 3 Designs (stands horizontally or vertically) Materials: Bone Sheesham Wood Set of 3 Frames. Two's Company is recognized for their wonderful sense of style, irresistible products, incredible showrooms and fantastic catalogs. Their signature style defines their company every single day, and they pride themselves on making heads turn everywhere.


Cowhide Picture Frame by Tozai

Cowhide Picture Frame by Tozai

Set of 2 Natural Cowhide Picture Frames in Grey by Tozai

Natural Cowhide Set of 2 Gray Photo Frames. Includes: 4" x 6", 5" x 7" (color variation is intrinsic to the design). Cowhide/MDF Material: Leather Dimensions: 8" W x 10" H, 9" W x 11" H


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7 Hassle-Free Ways To Prep Your Home For Your Holiday Party Interiors

7 Hassle-Free Ways To Prep Your Home For Your Holi


7 Hassle-Free Ways To Prep Your Home For Your Holiday Party

Impress your guests

Christopher Conrad

November 21, 2017

Whether it’s a holiday party for 200 guests or an intimate dinner affair for 10 of your closest friends, you want your home to feel comfortable while looking spectacular. Even with just a few weeks until it’s party time, you can take small steps each night to proactively prep your home for your holiday party without killing yourself in the process.

Do a deep clean two days before the party. That way you will only need to touch up the day of, and you can focus on food and bar preparation and setup.

Steps To Prep Your Home For Your Holiday Party

Wash Up

The first step to prep your home for your holiday party involves washing up. Washing or dry cleaning rugs, throw blankets and pillows helps give your home a fresh, clean scent. Minding your textiles, especially if you have pet wear to consider, will also brighten colors that tend to get dull over time from worn-in dirt and dust.

Signature Detergent by The Laundress

Signature Detergent by The Laundress

The Laundress designed this item for those that are passionate about taking care of their washables. For versatile laundering, The Laundress' Signature Detergent is specially designed to take on all your washing issues, incorporating surfactants, color protectors, and also stain-fighting enzymes. This Timeless fragrance is crafted to be the best smelling washing fragrance and integrates lily of the valley and jasmine with refreshing musk, sandalwood, and a hint of citrus.



Touch Up Furniture Scuffs

Touch up paint in the most obvious places, such as the entry door or on trim or the dining table. As your guests wait for you to open the door, they will take notice of the entry door and the surrounding immediate area. A quick paint touch up to cover scratches and scuffs will go a long way toward a great first impression. Don't forget to buff out any scratches on the furniture where your guests will be congregating.

Color Reviver by Christoph Pourny Studio

Color Reviver by Christoph Pourny Studio

An innovative all-natural formula developed to bring brand-new life to darker woods that have been discolored by time, or by the sunlight. Suitable for cherry wood or darker (looks darker in the container compared to when used).



Clean The Windows

When is the last time you cleaned your windows? Yes, it’s tedious, but accentuates a beautiful patio or outdoor area that your guests want to look take in.

Glass and Mirror Cleaner by The Laundress

Glass and Mirror Cleaner by The Laundress

This gentle cleaner formula is food-safe, family pet-safe, and also household-safe. Perfect for getting rid of dust, dirt, oil, crud, and even fingerprints on glass surfaces.



Tidy Up Outside

Speaking of outdoors, tidy up the outside by raking and picking up sticks, pine cones, and other debris. Clean off the patio furniture for those who may want to cool off during the party by stepping outside for a while.

Dustpan and Broom by Normann Copenhagen

Dustpan and Broom by Normann Copenhagen

With its innovative visual style and useful design, this convenient collection from Normann Copenhagen includes a versatile plastic dustpan and also a natural brush. The dustpan conveniently gathers the smallest dust, as well as it fits comfortably in hand. With making use of traditional artistry coupled with contemporary manufacturing techniques, the collection combines both durability and simpleness.



Candles Set The Mood

Another step to prep your home for your holiday party involves setting the mood. Go ahead a place lighting and candles around your home in your bathrooms. That way it only takes a few minutes to light the candles the night of your party. If the open flame poses a concern, you'll probably want to consider battery-powered LED tea lights in some glassware.

Alchemy Collection Votive by Tozai

Alchemy Collection Votive Holder by Tozai

This contemporary votive container with an unadulterated form is a beautiful sculptural work of art. Designed by distinguished artist Marilyn Davidson for Tozai Home.


Mercury Silver Barrell Votive by Lazy Susan

Mercury Barrell Votive by Lazy Susan

Influenced by an old glass blowing technique, this silver-colored votive is perfect for preparing for the holidays or daily use. The center is lined with mercury giving the votive an iridescent shine. Glass surrounds the exterior. Also, cluster a few for a sophisticated centerpiece.



Don't Forget The Decorations

Decorate! Even if you’re not big into holiday decorations, take just a few areas that are focal points in your home to get your guests in the spirit. And it doesn’t have to be a holiday; it can be a celebration of the winter season! Your front door and entryway, a far corner of your living room and the center of your dining room table are perfect opportunities for seasonal decor. Make them spectacular with candles and lighting with live greenery and flowers.

Calliope Ornaments by Roost

Calliope Rhinestone Ornaments by Roost

Victorian style glass inspired Floral, snowflake, and star shapes are modernized with rose-toned and copper-plated settings. The glass contrasts with the soft, chocolate leather hanging loops. Perfect for adorning a tree, decorating a bare wall or creating a window scene. Priced individually by size.

Winterland Brass Tree by FERM living

Winterland Brass Tree, Solid Design by FERM living
Constructed from a solid brass form cast in the shape of a Christmas tree, this decorative accessory evokes the spirit of Christmas. Place alone as a decorative centerpiece or group with similar designs to create your very own winter wonderland.

Silverlight Spheres by Roost

Silverlight Spheres by Roost
Spectacular globes of light are woven from glossy, nickel-plated cord and covered with tiny strands of silver cord LED lights. The lights come in three different sizes. Group the three different formats over a table for elegant mood lighting at any joyful celebration.

Abalone Shell Tree by Roost

Abalone Large Shell Tree by Roost
Roost's Abalone Shell Wreaths & Trees are stunning holiday accessories influenced by the charms of the seashore. Every shell covering is one-of-a-kind as well as crafted by hand.

Doing these simple things in advance to prep your home for your holiday party will help reduce your stress levels and impress your guests. Above all, you will be able to enjoy your party!

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